1. I am at least 19yrs of age and a Canadian Citizen 
  2. I agree TopLeaf.ca makes no claims of guarantied benefits 
  3. I waive any claims against TopLeaf.ca and its employees. 
  4. TOPLEAF.CA assumes no responsibility for lost orders due to: – mistakes made by the postal offices – wrong address given by the customer – damage to order by postal service – expired PO BOX numbers – stolen packages after delivery 
  5. I will responsibly store my products away from minors and pets 
  6. I will not re sell any products received from TopLeaf.ca 
  7. I am not affiliated in any way with any law enforcement 
  8. I agree I am legally allowed to make my own health care decisions with my choice of medicine and treatment. 
  9. I am not a citizen or resident of the United States of America