PURA - THC Distillate

Clear THC Distillate is the newest wave of concentrates. This clear product uses complex extraction techniques that yield a product that is pure THC, without chlorophyll, plant matter or solvent remnants. The oil is heated so the THC and CBD vaporize, the vapour is then collected and condensed back into oil. The resulting distillate is free of impurities, and when vaporized produces no smell and no flavour. This is a very strong product we only recommend for expert users. Recommended to be Dabed.

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PURA - THC Distillate


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PURA - THC Distillate


    11 years in pain and this product brought great relief! As a medicinal patient I have been really hoping for a company to create a product that really helps address my lower back symptoms, especially at night! My Mind and Body thank-you Pura and TopLeaf.

    commented on 07-Jun-2017 11:59 AM

    5 out of 5 stars